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Disk Quota

Is the amount of data you can store on the web server. The amount of Quota you need depends on the size of your Website. In FullScreen we provide consultancy to our customers to make them choose the right amount of Disk Quota.


FTP Accounts

FTP Account is used for uploading and managing files on your website. One FTP Account is automatically created in cPanel when you sign up for hosting, create a cPanel, create an addon domain or subdomain or enable anonymous FTP. In FullScreen we give you multiple FTPs started with 50 FTP, so you can manage your website in the best possible way.



It describes the rate at which data can be transferred between a website and computers connected to it within a specific time. In FullScreen servers we calculate it monthly.


SQL Database

SQL stands for Structured Query language, is the standard language for dealing with Relational Databases. It can be used to insert, search, update and delete database records. SQL Database in FullScreen can do lots of other operations including optimizing and maintenance of databases.


E-Mail Accounts

E-mail hosting is a service in which your email messages and associated files are all stored on a server. In FullScreen we provide you the amount of emails you need even if the package itself doesn’t contain it.


Park Domain

It serves to point to the same content and website as your primary domain. This is helpful if you have one website but wish to have multiple domains point to it. In FullScreen we provide more than one Park Domain, we start with five for one hosting campaign.

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Related Services

SSL Certificate

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, a global standard security technology that enables encrypted communication between a web browser and a web server. It is utilized by millions1 of online businesses and individuals to decrease the risk of sensitive information (e.g., credit card numbers, usernames, passwords, emails, etc.) from being stolen or tampered with by hackers and identity thieves. In essence, SSL allows for a private “conversation” just between the two intended parties.

To create this secure connection, an SSL certificate is installed on a web server and serves two functions:
• It authenticates the identity of the website (this guarantees visitors that they’re not on a bogus site).
• It encrypts the data that’s being transmitted.

Features included in our SSL Certificates:

Works with over 99% of all browsers

Padlock symbol & ``https`` domain

2048/4096 SHA2 RSA (ECDSA supported)

Full mobile support

Satisfies HIPAA & PCI compliance

Easy to use Account Manager

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Domain Hosting

Whether you’re setting up your first website or managing a wide portfolio of domain names, finding the right registrar and hosting provider can save you loads of time and headaches.
Your domain can determine your search engine rankings, your likelihood of being remembered by visitors, and your success as a brand in general.

They say
It all starts with a domain
But really
It all begins with a domain host.

FullScreen roll out the red carpet to your site’s readers and potential customers by providing a consultancy to help you choose the right domain name for your website.

Find your perfect domain name

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