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Advertising Graphic Design

Blurring the line between Art and Technology
FullScreen Co / Advertising Graphic Design

When most people think of graphic design, they think of designs created for marketing and advertising.

To point out, we will shortly describe advertising design as it’s a term refers to creating and organizing the visual artwork.

Simillliary we use this art in advertisements for products and services.

To demonstrate, it’s all about persuasion.

Although the graphic design has traditionally been print-centered, it’s rapidly expanding to include digital assets.

Understanding how to design for both print and digital is crucial for designers looking to break into advertising.

Therefore, we are proud of our designers, because they can confidently meet the needs of any client.

Our graphic designers have the artistic task to share a story with images, at the same time they possess the right expertise to make it not only catchy but memorable.

In brief, here are the most important factors of design and storytelling that our graphic artists pay attention to:

  • It’s all about BRANDING.
  • Show our customers the GRAPHICS.
  • The power of PHRASE.
  • We are 100 % ORIGINAL.
  • We have graphic artists, not only graphic designers.

What the Advertising Graphic Design include?